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Why would Denver Premier HomeBuyers buy your house?

Why would we want to buy your home?


A cash offer for your house may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t.  Not everyone has the time and energy to sell a house traditionally.  Maybe you inherited a house and don’t live close enough to stage and show it.  Perhaps you have a wonderful new job, but along with a new job means a big move and you just need to be able to sell your home quickly.  Often in divorce it isn’t possible for either party to keep the family home and selling a house fast is beneficial to both parties and saves headaches in court and lawyer fees drawing up extra documents.

Whatever the reason to look into selling your house quickly, many companies who offer to buy houses fast really can help and there is no risk to you to have them make an offer on your property.  Then, the company can make needed repairs, stage and sell your house to a new homeowner, or even rent out the house instead of selling it.

Why a company instead of a real estate agent?

Companies who offer to buy your house for cash, buy your house as is, or buy your house in any condition are not trying to take advantage of someone who just wants to move across town and can sell their house the traditional route.  These companies want to help people in tough situations and have the time and resources to do what you can’t- deal with the hassles of traditional home selling.  You can avoid short sale or foreclosure often by selling quickly to an investor or investment company because they can often close within a week or two.

What’s in it for me?

Even if you think you’re stuck in a tough spot and are certain your credit will be ruined- you may have options.  Look for businesses on Google+ and through sites such as the Better Business Bureau and  Call the companies or investors who mail you a letter interested in your house.  If an investor can give you cash to pay off your home loan, you can avoid foreclosure or short sale; both of which ding your credit for years.

If you need to sell for any reason- divorce, unemployment, relocation, retirement, whatever the case- get an offer from a real estate investment company.  Many can provide fair offers to you quickly.

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